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Cathay Pacific Flight Crew Shows Off Life in 21-Day Quarantine

After Cathay Pacific forced a flight crew to quarantine for three weeks, a flight attendant took to Instagram to showcase their current conditions.
After three pilots tested positive for COVID-19 in Frankfurt, Cathay Pacific will force all flight crews returning from the German hub to quarantine for 21 days upon their return to Hong Kong.


Thanks to one crewmember, flyers now have an idea of how they must live for those three weeks. Sharing the accommodations on Instagram, a Cathay Pacific pilot identified as “Eva” shared her experience in what’s described as a “Hong Kong Quarantine Facility”


Quarantine Due to Hong Kong Strict COVID-19 Prevention Policies

According to Bloomberg, the Cathay Pacific policy is in line with those set by the Hong Kong SAR. Through the “COVID Zero” push, the city’s administration has set the number one priority of reopening borders with China. As a result, the flag carrier is aggressively quarantining crews who work in Frankfurt and come back to Hong Kong.


“Cathay Pacific fully recognizes the Hong Kong SAR government’s mission to keep Hong Kong free from COVID-19,” the airline told Bloomberg in a statement. “As the home carrier of Hong Kong, Cathay Pacific is fully committed to protecting and enhancing Hong Kong’s aviation hub status and to keep the flow of people and cargo between Hong Kong and the rest of the world moving despite the challenging circumstances presented by the pandemic.”


Although the carrier did not specify where the crews were required to quarantine, the Instagram account flywitheva – run by a Cathay Pacific pilot – states both pilots and flight attendants are being held at the Penny Bay Isolation Camp. Her posts show the state-run facility is akin to a dormitory with very limited amenities, where crews are not allowed to leave for any reason until the quarantine is complete.




The self-quarantine is part of a larger strategy to contain the spread of the virus and keep their workforce safe. As part of it, the company is asking for volunteers to work in a “closed-loop plan.” It calls for workers to stay in the quarantine facility for three weeks as they fly to and from Hong Kong, followed by 14 days of self-isolation and 14 days off duty.


Cathay’s COVID Policy Comes as More Airlines Mandate Vaccines

In comparison, Cathay Pacific’s policy is much more aggressive than those taken by U.S.-based carriers. All three legacy carriers and Southwest Airlines are requiring employees to get inoculated against COVID-19, despite legal challenges to the rules.

N1120A November 23, 2021

Why did the article identify a pilot as a flight attendant?

Adam1 November 19, 2021

21 days is a long time. Surely these fully vaccinated aircrew (who had been in hotel isolation while between flights) could at least be given 'hotel-quality' accommodation. These dormitory style rooms are not ideal in any scenario, however they would be much better sutied for people requiring 14 days of quarantine, compared to those who require 21 days.Not having any pre-warning would have been traumatic for these staff too. Such a long stay would have been slightly eased if these people had prior warning and time to mentally prepare and pack accordingly.   

bbriscoe34 November 17, 2021

That looks horrid.  The idea of zero Covid is so misguided its evil.

deadinabsentia November 17, 2021

Quite like the rest of us. You're staying and pandering to the CCP only futher empowers them.