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Carriers: We Have A Problem With Racism (and Homophobia, and Sexual Harassment…)

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According to data obtained from IATA, airlines are finding it hard to stop instances of aggressive behavior and sexual harassment in the cabin. Within the last year, there were 350 cases of these kinds of incidents reported by IATA. In the vast majority of cases, there was no punitive action taken.

Data obtained from the International Air Transport Association (IATA) by Bloomberg indicates that many carriers are finding it difficult to combat sexual harassment and racism in the cabin.

Within the last year alone, there were 350 cases of a wide range of inappropriate behaviors – including touching as well as occurrences of homophobic, racist and even ageist outbursts – on flights. The outlet reports that, only in 178 cases did police or security staff intervene and out of that figure, only 17 passengers were removed from planes as a result of these kinds of incidents. In the remaining 141 cases, passengers were only issued a warning.

The data from IATA also appears to indicate that the excessive consumption of alcohol is a factor in this kind of aggressive behavior. The figures given by IATA, reports the outlet, are “the first collated on so-called hate crimes on aircraft.”

Speaking to the outlet, Tim Colehan, assistant director of external affairs at IATA, stated that many members of cabin crew now receive training that will enable them to monitor the amount of alcohol consumed by passengers. He also added that many are now trained to calm and deescalate instances of aggressive behavior as and when they arise.

However, commenting on the figures obtained from IATA, Colehan stated that “there should be zero tolerance to this.”

But he also added that these kinds of incidents require “people to be willing to report to crew and sometimes for there to be witnesses. And if a country doesn’t have the jurisdiction to intervene, the accused will just be released.”

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jrpallante December 19, 2018

I like the range of comments above, everything from very intelligent to very bigoted.

awayIgo December 19, 2018

Alexmyboy, You are writing- a bad joke? Seriously? Bottom line, the fact that you would write such indicates your animosity towards Trump Supporters. Not only are you not funny, but you are part of the problem. Jerks who think they are cute and don’t care about rights and opinions of others. I used to teach my students, “ if you have nothing nice to say, say nothing! I guess you never learned that!

jdclover December 19, 2018

@Global321: For 2017 data: https://www.bts.dot.gov/newsroom/2017-annual-and-december-us-airline-traffic-data 850,000,000 passengers on US airlines. So 350 out of 850,000,000. Yeah, that's not the problem the headline implies. That's more than twice the population of the US, with a small school's population being possibly problematic. If a country had those numbers, they would not have any *ism issues, they would probably be praised.

Mtothe M December 19, 2018

Zephyr, it seems you really don't understand "free speech" beyond the phrase itself. You should probably check it out.

alexmyboy December 19, 2018

if you are wearing a MAGA hat you should be removed immediately from the plane.