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Can I Drink the Tap Water Here (and How Much Is the Beer)?

Source: Shutterstock/Lexamer

Now that more hotels are cutting back on complimentary bottles of water for elite customers (cough, Hyatt, cough cough) and alcohol getting lower on our list of thirst-quenching beverages, we were wondering: just where is it safe to drink the tap water?

Not that the FlyerTalk forums aren’t a great place for answers (did you know that you should even stay away from filtered water when you’re in Mexico?) but, we ran across this interactive map that not only tells you where in the world you can drink the tap water but also (about) how much a bottle of water costs and, for those who like older school methods of staying hydrated, how much a pint of beer costs.

Source: Just the Flight

But, if you want to know more details about where you’re heading like, just how much you can use Apple Pay, or what to expect on a road trip to Tasmania, the FlyerTalk forums are still your best bet.

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SamirD August 17, 2019

You know, what's safe or not safe really depends on the individual and their immunity to pathogens in the water. My wife who was born in India can pretty much drink anywhere in the world short of maybe Africa. Me, unfortunately, ends up in the hospital with that same water. :(

YuropFlyer July 28, 2019

Liechtenstein annexed North Italy? Singapore is now in South Borneo? Whoever did this maps, jokes on you!

stanian July 27, 2019

Considering Kalimantan, (Indonesian Borneo) is labelled as Singapore. I wouldn't believe any of it.

roelb July 26, 2019

South Africa is marked red in the Africa map. But tap water is safe to drink in like 99% of places in SA, and in 100% of places that a tourist or business traveller will see.

BlueNordicSky July 26, 2019

Apparently Liechtenstein is now a province in northern Italy.