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California Hotel Offers Free Upgrade for Middle-Seat Passengers

The Shore Hotel in Santa Monica, California, has announced that it will offer free room upgrades to passengers arriving at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) on flights in which they were assigned a middle seat, including hotel rooms with views of the boardwalk and the ocean.

“Given our beach-front location in Santa Monica, we are uniquely positioned to make our guests more comfortable upon arrival by providing them with a view that is infinitely more enjoyable than what they experienced on their flight,” said Gerry Peck, general manager of the Shore Hotel.

To read more on this story, go to Telegraph.co.uk.

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pdsales March 6, 2017

Great way to get free press like this so congrats to their PR agency. Of course, they are giving upgrades to people with insufficient airline status to get a decent seat, so the least frequent flyers (if any claim it) get the upgrade. And anyone with a Southwest ticket can claim they were stuck in a middle seat, how would they know?