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Broken Printer Leaves Frustrated Passengers Stranded Without Compensation for 18 Hours

An elongated repair, among other things, could be to blame for travelers’ 18-hour wait to board a Frontier Airlines flight.

Travelers trying to get from Lambert-St. Louis International Airport (STL) to Denver International Airport (DEN) suffered an 18-hour flight delay trying to depart on Frontier Airlines Flight 287. Denver CBS Affiliate KCNC-TV reports the flyers ultimately got to their destination — at 2:30 a.m. the following day — and now they want answers.

“We weren’t offered any hotel vouchers,” said Rich Straub, one of the passengers on the flight. “So at this point people with families had been here 12 hours and were told, ‘You need to be here at midnight for this flight to possibly go out at midnight.'”

Nearly 70 passengers were affected by the severely delayed 2-hour flight, which was originally scheduled to arrive at DEN on Sunday around 7:00 a.m. local time. A necessary repair reportedly caused the initial delay.

Twelve hours later, according to passengers, the aircraft was repaired and ready, but by then, there was no crew to work the flight. Flyers took to sleeping on the floors and in chairs while waiting for the flight to eventually depart, claiming they were denied any sort of help from Frontier because a printer at the counter was broken.

Police were reportedly called in to keep tensions between passengers and ground crew from boiling over when the boarding process finally began.

When asked about the incident, a Frontier representative only told KCNC that the repairs “took longer than expected.”

“You thought hidden cameras were up and someone was pulling something over your eyes,” Straub said. “All things being equal I would select another airline.”

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pinkblanket March 28, 2015

The printer deserves an Office Space-treatment.

dliesse March 27, 2015

Well, to Mr. Straub I say, "that's what you get for buying your ticket based on price instead of service." Frontier has made known (not in so many words) its intention to compete with Spirit for the lowest price and the least service in return. Too bad, since the original Frontier was a pretty good airline.

rylan March 27, 2015

And thats why you don't fly Frontier, or Spirit for that matter either.

kirkwoodj March 26, 2015

Was wondering what third world country this was. Ah, St Louis. ;)