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British Airways to Reboot Boeing 747 Economy Cabins


New 747 cabins will feature better seats, more space and personal in-flight entertainment systems.

Economy travelers flying on British Airways’ Boeing 747-400 aircraft are in for a pleasant surprise. The British flag carrier recently announced a plan to upgrade their World Traveler and World Traveler Plus seats on 18 select 747s.

The airline currently operates the world’s largest fleet of 747 and features two different seating configurations in them. Per Australian Business Traveler, the refitting will modernize cabins to match the experience of the Airbus A380 and Boeing 787.

Business Traveler reports the cabin reboot will feature new foam inserts for seats, which will be housed in new seat covers. Seats in the World Traveler Plus section will also feature universal power sockets and USB outlets. New carpeting and curtains will be installed throughout the aircraft.

In addition, each seat on the aircraft will have the Panasonic eX3 in-flight entertainment system installed. According to Panasonic, “[the] eX3 supports the industry’s largest library of games, audio, video and more.” British Airways said the eX3 was chosen not only for the multiple entertainment options, but for its lightweight design as well, which will help the airline to save fuel during operation.

“We know that in-flight entertainment is really important to our customers — being able to relax and watch a film or listen to music helps customers to pass the time enjoyably,” Richard D’Cruze, British Airways’ in-flight entertainment and technology manager, said in a press release. “So by installing this state-of-the-art equipment we will be able to deliver even more programming on board.”

Refitting work will take place in Cardiff starting August 2015. All 18 aircraft are expected to be in service with the new cabin trim by August 2016.

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weero September 9, 2014

Nice to see the effort on behalf of BA. Even now, the BA coach product is very decent. IFE being one of the most important features of a coach cabin and maintaining BA's luxurious 10 abreast on the 747 and 9 abreast on the 777, this will make them even more competitive in an environment where nearly everyone else is going LCC.

relangford September 8, 2014

Lufthansa is purchasing a number of new B747-8i aircraft, so BA isn't the only major flying them into the future (mid-2020s, maybe).

UncleDude September 7, 2014

Ready by 2016..how Long are BA looking to keep these Birds Flying..soon they will be the Only Major Airline with and significant number of Passenger 747-400. The lasy Cathay flight is only a few weeks away

Skipcool3 September 7, 2014

Where do you get the idea there will be more space?! There isn't. Where did you get the idea there will be new seats? There won't be! And anybody that has been on a BA 747 will know the economy product was rolled out in 1995 on the 777 and is very care worn. This is just a refresh until the new A350xwb. Joins the fleet.