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British Airways Subject of Alexandra Burke Twitter Tirade

Another day, another airline conflict, another Twitter tirade. This time, it comes from singer Alexandra Burke.

British Airways had a bit of a PR problem on its hands on Monday when X Factor winner Alexandra Burke took to Twitter to complain about treatment she received while at the airport. In a series of tweets, she claimed she was “treated like dirt” by an employee at Terminal 5, and she was furious. Apparently the dispute was over the carry-on bag policy.

Burke’s tweets have since been deleted, but the Daily Mail was able to get some of the first: “FUMING! Never have I ever been treated like dirt in terminal 5 from a @British_Airways employee. What an absolute disgrace! SO ANGRY!!!” and “I want to make the biggest complaint about a guy who works in terminal 5 @British_Airways how do I do this?” and “How someone can reduce me to tears is beyond me. Hate rude people… why can’t people just be nice! It’s not that hard!”

Although many of her fans supported her on the social media network, one attempted to get her to see the situation from another perspective, saying that maybe the guy was having a bad day and there wasn’t any need to call him out. Burke didn’t agree, though, sending this tweet back: “I don’t care. We all have bad days! I was also VERY kind to the man in all of what happened. So yes. I will NAME AND SHAME!”

Things appear to have hit a resolution, though; British Airways tweeted at the singer asking for details of her complaint – except they called her Alexander instead of Alexandra, which sent her followers into a Twitter tailspin of rage. But Burke replied, and the two parties agreed to speak on the phone and solve things.

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itsmeitisss August 9, 2017

Sounds like they replied to her from an Apple device or similar where auto incorrect interfered with their typing of Alexandra...

makrom August 4, 2017

How can there even be a dispute about the carry on policy? Was it ambiguous? I bet that rather than arguing about the policy they were arguing about whether the policy needs to be followed. And yes, it should be. Air travel is as save as it is because policies are enforced.

Sydneyberlin August 3, 2017

Some unknown British starlet with an over-sized bag (and an over-sized ego) throwing a tantrum. That's how this story looks to me!