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British Airways’ “Sonic Seasoning” Adds Madonna, James Blunt to Menu


British Airways will be introducing its “Sound Bites” playlist, which pairs music with food options to enhance flavors, on long-haul flights beginning in November.

For those who don’t have a taste for airplane food, British Airways is trying to help change that by turning in-flight meals into a multi-dimensional experience. Instead of changing flavors, the airline said on its blog that it will complement its options by pairing them with special music selections.

The 13-track playlist, titled “Sound Bites,” will roll out on long-haul flights this November. Travelers on participating flights will be able to choose dining options from a menu featuring song selections next to accompanying dishes. British Airways teased that initial offerings include dessert with James Blunt, Scottish artist Paolo Nutini with Scottish Smoked Salmon, and the finale from Turandot with coffee.

The musical dining experience draws on the findings from an Oxford University study, which determined that music can help food taste either more sweet or salty. Referred to as “Sonic Seasoning,” British Airways hopes that its new playlist will enhance the flavors of onboard offerings and improve the flying experience.

“In the coming months and years we are going to see far more interest in the matching of music and soundscape to what we eat and drink,” said Charles Spence, a professor at Oxford University and the primary researcher behind the “Sonic Seasoning” study. “I think that it is a really exciting and innovative development to see British Airways taking the first steps in this direction.”

So far, British Airways is the first airline to add musical pairings to their in-flight dining experience. For those who wish to experiment at home, The Daily Mail has published the carrier’s full menu and planned musical pairings.

[Photo: British Airways]

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