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British Airways’ New Online Portal Tries Something Different

British Airways (BA) wants to make it easier for customers to resolve issues. The carrier is launching a new online resolution center that will supposedly speed up the process of getting issues resolved. What’s different about the new process? Customers of BA had to contact a general customer relations team when submitting complaints. They will now be able to immediately connect with the appropriate department based on the nature of the complaint. Here’s a rundown of what to expect when seeking support help with BA:

  • The ability to change bookings

  • Information regarding your rights as a customer
  • Links to specific customer relations teams

How will teams be broken down? There will be designated teams for customers who wish to locate missing bags, apply for reimbursements and request special assistance. BA is claiming that its new system will make it easier to get in touch with the right person quickly. Of course, the only way to know if those claims are true is to actually use the new online portal to try to resolve an issue.

BA isn’t just focusing on the digital side of customer service. The carrier made a surprising announcement last year regarding its future plans for customer service. The airline is actually investing millions of dollars in training for customer service agents. Part of the overhaul planned for the customer experience involves sending agents out on the floor to assist passengers who might have questions. Agents will traverse terminals with iPads in their hands to reach out to passengers who need help. These agents will be able to assist with things like ticketing, rebooking flights, adjusting reservations and searching for lost luggage. They will even be able to provide up-to-date flight information.

As of now, BA is only introducing roving agents at London Heathrow Airport (LHR) which completely eliminates the necessity to visit a BA desk agent when traveling through the London hub. The carrier already employs Mandarin-speaking agents during the shifts that coincide with the departure times and arrival times of its routes to China. The training program for on-the-ground customer service agents is scheduled to be completed just in time for 2019’s summer travel season.

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