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Is British Airways Canceling Flights Early to Avoid Compensation?

British Airways pilots are set to strike in September as part of a dispute over pay. The airline has already canceled flights, a move that the carrier’s pilots union said was made in a bid to avoid paying passengers necessary compensation. Up to 450,000 passengers may be impacted by these strikes.

It was announced last week that British Airways (BA) pilots are set to strike on September 9th, 10th and 27th as part of a dispute over pay. But with this action just a few weeks away, the union that represents 3,000 members of the airline’s crew has accused BA of scrapping flights early as part of a bid to avoid offering compensation to passengers, The Daily Mail reports.

The British Airline Pilots’ Association (BALPA) has said that this decision could impact around 450,000 travelers. As the outlet reports, passengers are only eligible to claim recompense if they are provided under 14 days notice prior to cancellation.

The airline has already warned passengers to expect delays and cancellations during these strike dates, with 850 flights predicted to be impacted per day of industrial action.

Offering comments on behalf of BALPA, a spokesperson said, “By canceling flights so early, to avoid compensating customers, the airline has got its focus wrong and is compounding the mess it has created. BA should stop canceling flights and get back to the negotiating table. Last week, to avert a strike, BA pilots only asked for BA to return a small amount of what they gave up when the company was losing money. That is not unreasonable but management refuses to listen.”

“If BA confirms it will improve its offer BALPA will consider that carefully and respond. But so far BA has neither asked to meet nor confirmed it can improve on its offer,” they added.

BALPA members have rejected a package offered by the airline that would have seen a pay increase by 11.5% over a three-year period.

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CEB August 30, 2019

And the pilots aren't satisfied with more than a 10% pay increase. I guess they must be living in poverty?

jrpallante August 30, 2019

How is it that they are not cancelling ALL flights? Are there some pilots who are not part of the union?

openfly August 30, 2019

Of course they are!