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British Airways Debuts the New A350

On the eve of British Airways’ first commercial flight of their newest Airbus A350-1000, the media got a preview of what to expect during the upcoming familiarization flights. While FlyerTalkers are mixed about what to expect with the first flights, pictures from the delivery celebration show a well-designed cabin.

The buzz is collecting about British Airways’ latest aircraft, as the first familiarization flight touches down today. On the forums, FlyerTalkers are discussing the first flight with anticipation, with the very first departure traveling from London Heathrow Airport (LHR) to Madrid Airport (MAD) today, August 6, 2019.

But before flyers took over the aircraft, the media got an exclusive look at the aircraft and all the amenities aboard the new plane. As previously reported, the new airframe features the airline’s first Club Suites: a 1-2-1 configured premium class seat with privacy doors for optimal comfort. According to FlightGlobal, around 30 current British Airways pilots have gone through training through the company’s simulator in preparation for the flights.

According to Business Traveller, the Club Suite seats are comfortable and could be the new standard for trans-Atlantic crossings. “There is ample space in the footwell…and the seat itself forms a 79-inch long bed with 29 inches of width,” Jenni Reid writes for the publication. “The seat also comes with the new(ish) White Company pillows and bedding.

With compliments on the experience, Gilbert Ott of God Save The Points was very complimentary of the on-board experience during his on-board tour. “Aside from a feature like an on-board bar, this plane ticked every box for me, and I’m thrilled with the work British Airways put in to making it a world class aircraft in every cabin,” Ott writes. “All A350’s feature smaller galleys than previous planes, so don’t expect too much walking around room, but other than that, you really have to love it.”

What did the first FlyerTalkers write about coming off the very first familiarization flight? “What a wonderful [Club World Suite] we have here,” FlyerTalker corporate-wage-slave wrote after deplaning. “Very positive first impressions, very sleek and private.”

Tomorrow: FlyerTalkers take on the new British Airways Airbus A350. Need more now? Check out the FlyerTalk Forums today!


[Images: British Airways]

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TheOnlyWayTo Fly August 8, 2019

Looks very nice indeed - a long time coming for sure. I hope these seats do not have the same deflation issues that Air Canada's Business Class seats do......

jrpallante August 7, 2019

I have only been on a couple planes with an on-board lounge, and I have never seen anybody using it. Are there statistics on the passenger utilization of this space? Honestly, if somebody wants to hang out in a bar during a flight, my first thought is that they probably have a drinking problem, and I do not want to be near them. On some planes, the bar is visible from some seats, which would be very annoying. Inasmuch as all airlines are trying to cram as many people as possible into every plane, it seems like that space would be better utilized with a few more seats.