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British Airways Apologizes for Charging £90 for Dialysis Equipment

41-year-old Amit Sandchadev, who was charged an extra £90 for carrying his life-saving dialysis equipment aboard his British Airways flight, has received an apology from the British flag carrier, representatives of which had told Sandchadev twice before the day of his flight that he would not incur any charges for the medical device.

“We understand how critical medical equipment can be, and have a policy in place which allows customers to travel with their dialysis equipment free of charge and without medical clearance,” said a spokesperson for British Airways.

To read more on this story, go to The Daily Mail.

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makrom August 12, 2018

I see how these charges are in bad taste, but is there a rule that "as long as it's medical, it's free"? There is additional cost incurred by transporting additional weight and volume, is the airline always the one who has to pick up the bill?