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Priority Boarding on Alaska for the Price of a Cup of Coffee

If you are flying with Alaska Airlines over the weekend, make sure to stop and get a drink at Starbucks first—the airline is offering priority boarding to passengers who board while holding either a Starbucks holiday cup or, in certain airports, just a Starbucks holiday cup sleeve on their drinks.

Passengers flying with Alaska Airlines this weekend will get an extra special treat if they stop at a Starbucks before getting on the plane: priority boarding. The two companies are working together on a promotion that introduces an “espresso” lane. Anyone holding a Starbucks holiday cup—or a cup with a Starbucks holiday cup sleeve at the locations that are opting for different, biodegradable cups—will be able to join this special boarding lane and get ahead of some others on the plane. And once on the plane, some passengers will have Starbucks goodies on their seats.

Don’t think that holding a Starbucks cup is going to get you to the very front of the line, though. It’s priority boarding with a caveat. First-class and elite status holders will still board before everyone, and passengers with the cup will board with group five—just before passengers board that are sitting in the back of the plane.

According to CNN Business, this isn’t the first time Alaska Airlines has partnered with other local companies to pass perks along to customers. Passengers wearing Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson jerseys had priority boarding in September, and passengers wearing ugly Christmas sweaters last year got the same treatment.


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fotographer November 11, 2019

I cant stand starbucks... so how about I just carry my coffee mug

November 10, 2019

At Alaska we care about our loyal flyers who fly tens of thousands of miles with us to earn MVP Gold status. That’s why we let any Tom, Dick and Harry with a Starbucks cup board with you :rolleyes:

ChrisHaynesUSA November 9, 2019

more passengers with full cups of coffee to juggle on their way into the aircraft. And they will try to balance them on a seat where they are not sitting to place their stuff in the overhead. more coffee spilled and encouraged by the airline,................... ho, ho , ho,