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Breaking News: A Possible Hijacking at Schiphol Airport

We have just received word that the Dutch Royal Military Police are investigating a “suspicious situation” at Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport via a tweet posted to Schiphol’s official Twitter account:

According to FlyerTalkers on the ground at Schiphol airport, there is currently a GRIP-3 alarm at the airport which is defined as “threatened well-being of (large groups of) the population within a single municipality.” While authorities have not revealed what the nature of the threat is, rumors of a hijacking of a KL Cardiff, UX aircraft or Air Europa on the D pier abound.

One FlyerTalker, who is listening to LiveATC, reports that the “captain has pressed the hijack alarm during boarding, and no contact with [the] cockpit has been possible since.” However, the only facts currently known are that large numbers of emergency service vehicles are gathered, including trauma helicopter support and that D-pier has been closed off by the local police.

Update 12:13 pm:

Air Europa’s official Twitter account says that their plane was not hijacked, and that the “a warning that triggers protocols on hijackings at the airport” was pressed by accident. “Nothing has happened, all passengers are safe and sound waiting to fly soon. We deeply apologize.”

Air Europa’s announcement on Twitter has been closely followed with questions about how the pilot managed to accidentally dial the 7500 code for hijacking and how a rumor about three hijackers armed with knives spread around Twitter quite so quickly when it appears they never existed in the first place.

Update 11:52 am:

Unofficial reports on Twitter suggest that there was indeed a hijacking on an Air Europe plane to Madrid by three men armed with knives. At least 27 people are thought to be on board the flight. According to Dutch broadcaster NOS, a crew member on the departing flight activated the hijacking alert. Unconfirmed reports indicate that the passengers and crew members have all been safely evacuated.

According to Flightradar, Schiphol is operating but causing flights from the even-numbered D gates to be directed to hardstands. Expect delays.


The plane involved in the hijacking. Source: Twitter/@vikasjournolko


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arcticflier November 15, 2019

@YOWisHome. You forgot 7400 which is “Please bring me a cup of coffee”. We have been petitioning to get that code changed for this very reason.

YOWisHome November 7, 2019

@Mr. Vker....It is not a button. It is a transponder code that you set. Made up of 4 numbers ranging from 0-7. 7500 is Hijack, 7600 is No Coms and 7700 is an Emergency -- .

Mr. Vker November 6, 2019

If you press that warning, a confirmation should pop up: "Are you sure you were hijacked? yes/no" Would prevent soooooo many errors! :)

OUTraveling November 6, 2019

Perhaps the pilot is a newbie and turned his transponder to 7500 with switching frequencies.