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Booted Drunk’s Parting Words: I HOPE YOU CRASH

Close Up of aYoung Woman Drinking Hard Liquer from the Bottle

A foul-mouthed out-of-control passenger managed to shout one last chilling “bon voyage” to passengers and crew before she was removed from her transatlantic flight.

It’s a bad sign when a passenger has to be cut off from alcohol service before a flight even departs, but a woman on a Thomas Cook flight last week from Jardines del Rey Airport (CCC) to Manchester Airport (MAN) did everything in her power to convince the cabin crew that they made the correct decision to deny her a drink.

The Manchester Evening News reports that faced with the prospect of a nine hour flight without booze, the irate flyer began shouting and cursing at the flight attendants. When the captain was informed of the disturbance onboard, he made the decision to taxi back to the gate to have the aggressive flyer removed from the aircraft.

The loud-mouthed drunk was reportedly not happy to see authorities board her flight home from Cuba. As she was physically removed from the plane, the disgruntled drinker reportedly repeatedly yelled at everyone on board, “I hope you crash!”

“Things like this cannot happen very often. The captain said over the tannoy that he has been flying for 18 years and it has not happened to him before,” said passenger David Maddison-Lee.

A Thomas Cook representative told reporters that the mean-spirited passenger was no longer welcome to fly on the airline and would now have to make arrangements for her return trip on a different carrier.

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