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Booking.com Poll Reveals Similar Hotel Preferences Among Different Nationalities of Travelers

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When it comes to liking good breakfasts, solid customer service and AC, guests from various nations aren’t so different after all.

While they may be diverse in language and culture, a poll by accommodation site Booking.com has revealed that when it comes to basic hotel amenities, travelers from the disparate, far-flung corners of the globe aren’t so very different after all.

In 2016, Quartz reports, the website asked 12,781 travelers with upcoming itineraries for 2017 to specify which hotel amenities and services they valued the most. While the perceived safety of a hotel and its location proved to be important to all those polled, different nationalities did reveal different insights when it came to a few core concepts and amenities.

Based on the results, it turns out that Spanish, British, French and Kiwi travelers are sticklers for customer service. Meanwhile, a good, solid breakfast was the most important hotel amenity for the Brazilian, German, Indian and Italian guests polled by the website. But for Japanese, Thai, Chinese, American and Australian participants, ice cold in-room air conditioning was the primary factor in choosing a certain hotel.

But as particular as they are in their preferences, it seems that these nationalities of travelers are also discriminating in just how likely they are to avoid booking a hotel that does not have their preferred amenity. Indian travelers were most likely to avoid an accommodation venue based on its lack of preferred amenity, followed up by Brazilian and Chinese guests.

Booking.com‘s poll also revealed that the age of guests had an impact on which services and amenities were deemed to be most important. For those in the 18-35 age group, complimentary Wi-Fi was a top concern while free parking was a priority for those in older demographics.

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