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Bollywood Star Catches Seatmate Watching Her Film Illegally

Kriti Sanon, a Bollywood actress, took her frustrations to Twitter recently after she allegedly caught her seatmate illegally watching a pirated version of her new film Dilwale. Sanon was traveling to Delhi when she caught her fellow passenger using his iPhone as a projector to watch the $15 million film that was released in theaters a mere 10 days ago. Though Sanon claims she told the passenger that he would enjoy the film more if he watched it in a theater, the man proceeded to use his projector.

For more information on this story, visit NDTV.

[Photo: Twitter/@kritisanon]

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SuperFlyBoy January 9, 2016

@drvannostren: The passengers are clearly in economy class - and this also appears to be a LCC configuration. Appears to be Row 1, with Door 1L in the photograph. Based on the FAs uniform, it probably is Indigo - where all aircraft are in a Y configuration - or on GoAir. And yes, she should be happy that the gentleman appears to be enjoying the movie! :p (Maybe she violated his rights by publishing his photograph, albeit in a pseudo-public domain?) PS: I also would be interested in this projection unit - appears pretty bright to me.

live5 January 8, 2016

Using a personal projector like that in flight is just obnoxious.

ioto1902 January 7, 2016

6 seats abreast. It doesn't look like business class to me. Anyway, is this actress aware of the internet world ? Pirated movies are now a fact of this world.

drvannostren January 7, 2016

I've seen some of those projectors online, but this one looks pretty good, where can I get one!? As far as the movie. I find it kinda funny, did he not notice she sitting there, or just not care? Lastly, he's clearly in business class, so he can afford to go to the movies, but she's also gotta realize she's from a country RIFE with piracy, many people probably can't afford to go see her movies. She can't think a tweet will do a damn thing.

Duke0Windsor January 7, 2016

Honestly! considering it is such a crappy movie, she should be glad that at least "someone" is watching it.... without asking to get paid to watch it.