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Boeing Has So Many Grounded MAXs, They’re Parking Them in the Employee Lot

Screenshot: K5 News Seattle

The headline really says it all: Boeing has so many MAX planes on hand at their Renton Factory in Washington State that they’ve had to move some of them to the employee parking lot. Driving into work everyday to see grounded planes in what used to be your parking space has to be a constant, uncomfortable reminder of the position that Boeing is in after two of their planes crashed within months of one another. And, there are a lot of grounded MAX planes taking up space in Boeing’s employee parking lot.

Seattle’s King 5 News has some great aerial footage of the factory, which shows just how many planes have taken over employee parking spaces. There are about 500 grounded MAX’s all around the world, and 100 of those are at the Renton factory. A few dozen of them have been making their rounds on social media as the MAX debacle drones on.


[Screenshot: K5 News Seattle]

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kc1174 June 26, 2019

This isn’t exactly news. Renton regularly use the S3, S4, and S5 parking lots for planes. Now, if they were parked at the mall over the road - that would be news.


Nope. It"s just assigned parking for senior management

BlueThroughCrimp June 26, 2019

Stop capitalising every word.

Boggie Dog June 26, 2019

They won't take up as much room after going through a shredder.