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Boeing Employee Compromises Security With Email to Spouse

Boeing is currently investigating a security breach caused by a worker who accidentally emailed the personal information of 36,000 company employees to his spouse in November 2016. The employee in question claims to have needed assistance in formatting a spreadsheet and hadn’t realized that it contained the personal information of Boeing employees, including names, ID numbers, social security numbers and birth dates.

Boeing claims that all copies of the offending spreadsheet have since been deleted, and the aircraft manufacturer has no reason to believe that any employee information was misused as a result of the mistake.

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Allan38103 March 3, 2017

What does this have to do with travel?

Mountlodge March 3, 2017

I would be more concerned about why employee details are on a Spreadsheet!! If Boeing need someone to move this to a more secure platform just let me know. Wouldnt be the first time I've done it.