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Boeing Commits to Pilots With Purchase of Peters Software

Boeing has acquired a leading provider of pilot training software.

Boeing is investing more in pilot training systems, announcing its purchase of Peters Software, GmbH, in a press release earlier this week. The nimble German company consists of 20 full-time employees, who will all officially join Boeing’s team through the acquisition.

Peters Software specializes in creating software to help pilots train on the aircraft they will ultimately take control of, based specifically around European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) guidelines.

Boeing’s purchase is backed by data that points to a growing demand for qualified aviation personnel over the next 20 years. Peters Software estimates airlines will require 558,000 new pilots to support the growth in global fleet by 2035.

“The high-quality software that Peters Software develops enhances Boeing’s customized pilot training content to meet specific needs of our customers,” said Stan Deal, senior vice president of commercial aviation services at Boeing. “This acquisition allows Boeing Flight Services to offer training materials consistent with the standards set by the European Aviation Safety Agency, one of the world’s leading aviation regulatory authorities.”

The acquisition comes as Boeing is contending with shifting demands from commercial customers for aircraft. Earlier this year, the Chicago-based manufacturer announced a slowdown in completing its iconic 747 jumbo jet, while focusing on improvements to smaller, long-range jets.

[Photo: Boeing]

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