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Mosaic Members Lose Big Under “Blue Basic”

JetBlue is the latest airline to offer basic economy fares to their flyers with the introduction of “Blue Basic.” Like the offerings from other U.S. carriers, the super-discount fares come with a number of restrictions—even for True Blue Mosaic members.

JetBlue is joining its competitors in offering a basic economy fare, but they come with basic accommodations for even the carrier’s most loyal flyers. On its website, the New York-based airline announced the launch of “Blue Basic,” a stripped-down offering of its regular service.

While the service is in line with other basic economy offerings, it’s being received with mixed reviews. Some TrueBlue Mosaic flyers are upset the discounted fares strip many of their benefits, while others see it as a change that was long overdue.

What You Need to Know About Blue Basic

According to JetBlue, the basic economy fares were based on consumer demand for a lower-cost option. Not all of the benefits are stripped from the ticket class: Flyers still get free snacks, drinks and live television at every seat. TrueBlue Mosaic flyers still get free alcoholic beverages in flight, two free checked bags and the 50% savings on eligible inflight purchases.

Like other deep discount offerings, flyers are very restricted on how they travel and what they can do with their tickets. If you’re forced to cancel your flight, your entire fare is forfeited and you will receive no cashback. Ancillary costs, like checked luggage, are available for refund.

Flyers are also not allowed to make any changes to their flight after booking. Same-day changes and revenue standby tickets are not allowed under the fare rules, even for those with True Blue Mosaic loyalty status.

Another major cut for TrueBlue Mosaic members is the lack of upgrades. Under the fare rules, flyers are not allowed to use their TrueBlue points to move up to an “Even More Space” seat.

Finally, flyers earn even less TrueBlue points for Blue Basic tickets. Passengers only earn up to two TrueBlue points per $1 spent: one base point and one bonus point for booking online.

A Big Change for TrueBlue Points

The new fare class takes away many TrueBlue Mosaic loyalty status benefits. In particular, some frequent flyers are disappointed that their status means little now that they can’t use their TrueBlue points for Blue Basic fares.

“This change really sucks for Mosaics and [in my opinion] it shows how little JetBlue values their Mosaic customers,” the company representative for AutoSlash wrote in the FlyerTalk forum thread on the subject. “I will think twice before spending the money to re-qualify for the program in the future.”

Other flyers see this as an inevitable change. Because all of their major competitors now offer a basic economy fare, it was only a matter of time before JetBlue joined them in the discount fare class.

“It’s unfortunate but what do people expect?” writes FlyerTalker CMK10. “They’re an airline and all the airlines, even the reversed Alaska, have a Basic Economy fare now.”

As with any fare, it’s important to understand the rules and your benefits on any fare class. As with all basic economy fares, your overall value may vary.

“These fares generally represent poor value, even for those who believe that they have fixed plans because problems sometimes arise,” notes FlyerTalker Often1. “As a regular passenger, think twice before booking these fares. As a Mosaic, think a third time.”

What’s your opinion on JetBlue’s “Blue Basic” fares? Share your thoughts on the FlyerTalk forums!


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KRSW November 15, 2019

Jetblue used to be different. Now they seem to take the most anti-passenger policies from the legacy carriers and adopt them... while not having the network nor reliability to justify it.