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Blood Clot Behind Brawl on Delta Air Lines Flight

TMZ has revealed that a medical condition was the root cause of an incident that ended with the captain of the plane hitting a passenger.

It has been revealed that a blood clot was behind an incident that concluded with a pilot hitting a female passenger on a recent Delta Air Lines flight. The altercation occurred as passengers were disembarking from Delta Air Lines Flight 1827 at Hartsfield – Jackson Atlanta International Airport (ATL) on April 21st.

In video footage shown by TMZ, travelers from the plane, which was inbound from Fort Lauderdale, can be seen passing through the jet bridge. One woman is then seen running at and then knocking over a second female passenger while a third woman is then shown kicking and sitting on the pair. As the women fight, the plane’s pilot comes into the frame and appears to smack one of the women.

TMZ has clarified the situation captured on camera and reports that, of the three women who were fighting, two were cousins, “…one of whom suffered from blood clots which were exacerbated by sitting on the plane.”

The two cousins had apparently attempted to pass the third female passenger, explaining to her that they needed to leave the plane as swiftly as possible due to this medical condition. The third woman, who was apparently on her phone, either did not notice or ignored the women’s plea.

The three then began to argue and things quickly escalated, with the plane’s pilot then stepping in in an attempt to diffuse the situation.

The New York Times reports that authorities at Delta confirmed in a statement that they removed the pilot from active duty immediately following the incident. While local police had responded to the altercation, no further information on the scuffle has since been made available.

However, Delta has revealed that the pilot of the plane has now returned to duty as an investigation into the incident concluded that “his actions de-escalated an altercation between passengers.”

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garkster May 6, 2017

To the author/editor, "on...flight" means is the air, but the article says "were disembarking" and "passing through the jet bridge", so the aircraft was apparently on the ground, posing no danger to other passengers, as opposed to an altercation @ 35,000 feet. Good job of creating click-bait.

chrisboote May 4, 2017

“his actions de-escalated an altercation between passengers.” I concur Whupping the tar out of one of them certainly de-escalated her ability to cause further trouble

stillontheroad May 3, 2017

The flight is 1:45 total time. I would think that anyone who suffers from DVT and knows about it knows enough to get up and stretch on the plane during flight. I call BS for the DVT excuse

zarkov505 May 3, 2017

There's this also. If you really and truly believe that you have a life-threatening medical issue, the very last thing you are going to do is STOP AND ARGUE WITH SOMEONE WHO DIDN'T GET OUT OF THE WAY QUICKLY ENOUGH.

ijgordon May 3, 2017

Google tells me this flight was from Ft. Lauderdale to Atlanta, scheduled at less than 2 hours. So I call BS on the BC.