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Black Lives Matter Protests at MSP

Forced out of the Mall of America in Bloomington, Minn., Black Lives Matter protesters relocated to Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport (MSP) today. Four individuals were arrested – three for trespassing and one for trespassing and disorderly conduct – after the demonstrators caused “significant traffic backups,” according to MSP’s Twitter.

The group aimed to shine awareness on a November police shooting that resulted in the death of Minneapolis-native Jamar Clark.

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alben December 26, 2015

Black Lives Matter is NOT advancing their cause by the continual disruption of other people's lives. I was sympathetic at first, but their tactics are wearing thin. Research Jamar Clark's arrest history. He is not exactly a poster child which discredits Black Lives Matter's cause even further.

bryanb December 25, 2015

I saw an interview with one of the leaders on CNN. The host kept pushing her, asking if this was the right way to get support. And she kept saying that it was important to know that whatever little inconvenience they caused, it was nothing compared to the millions of people of color who are inconvenienced every day at the airport due to additional screening. When she was pushed several times for actual statistics, she said she didn't have any. It was just her experience and how she felt, and that was as valid as statistics. Which makes me shake my head and wonder how in this world there are people who so strongly think so differently than I do, or what I consider to be sane and rational. I happen to support the idea that Black Lives Matter, but this was objectively a way to turn people against the movement. And I bet they would probably never acknowledge the opinions of others on the effectiveness of these tactics, because it's just the way they feel.

zitsky December 24, 2015

I'm sorry. This isn't the way to get my support. I'm sympathetic to your cause to raise awareness of police misconduct. However, I don't see how you advance that cause by annoying large numbers of people who are on highways or in airports.

BillyBaloney December 24, 2015

Jamar was suspected in an assault, and was interfering with emergency workers who were trying to provide aid to a victim. He was shot during a physical struggle, police said. The police union says Clark was shot AFTER HE TRIED TO TAKE A GUN FROM ONE OF THE OFFICERS.

OUTraveling December 24, 2015

Classify them as domestic terrorists for criminal activity at an airport. I say 20 years of 23 hour lock down at a federal supermax facility will put an end to their foolishness.