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Best Western Unveils New Brand, Logo & Boutique

glo hotel (photo: best western)

Best Western is reinventing itself with a new brand, slicker logo and new name.

In an effort to bring the hotel company to a more contemporary status, Best Western International is rebranding as Best Western Hotels and Resorts. It is also unveiling a new, simpler logo with a more modern font.

In addition, the company is opening a new brand of boutique hotels — GLō. These properties are meant to appeal to Millennial travelers and are constructed new instead of repurposed from old buildings.

glo hotel (photo: best western)

“We are very much a different company today and if we maintain our current logo or do minor tweaks, it wouldn’t do us justice,” CEO David Kong told USA Today. “We wanted to signal something exciting and different.”

The new hotel brand will have a glowing blue sash on the outside of each building, and will have strategically placed LED lights inside. GLō is expected to be is mid-scale cities and will offer rates as low as $90 a night. Each location will be four stories with 70 rooms outfitted in multifunctional space-saving furniture.

glo hotel (photo: best western)

Best Western also recently introduced a more upscale hotel brand called Vib. The first location is expected to open in Chicago in 2016, and twelve more locations are in early development.

The company is also in the midst of a website relaunch and recently introduced new mobile apps. Next year, corporations booking stays for employees will be able to take advantage of a money-back guarantee.

[Photo: Best Western Hotels and Resorts]

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