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Berlin Gets Its Act Together, Announces Brandenburg Opening

After over a decade of delays, a soft launch of Berlin Brandenburg Airport (BER) has been announced for late 2019. The main terminal reportedly will not be ready to receive passengers by the time the airport opens, however, and flyers will be forced to use “metal boxes” in order to house passengers en route to their destinations.

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milepig December 15, 2017

We've heard all this many times before. It would have been faster to just tear down the doomer terminal and rebuild from the ground up. Unbelievable.

Global321 December 15, 2017

Berlin Gets Its Act Together, Announces Brandenburg Opening huh?!?!?! Announcing a soft opening 2 years from now, on an airport delayed a decade - and even then without terminal facilities - is a far cry from "gets its act together"

Sydneyberlin December 15, 2017

"Getting its act together"? I think this is a bit too hopeful. And those sheds that they use in Tegel as well, that's very different from getting its act together, even if it was to happen on time. I believe when I see it!

heybrian December 14, 2017

Regardless of the accuracy of the article, I want and need to know what my baggage fees will be before I buy my tickets. Fee disclosure is a common courtesy that should be given to customers making any purchase. Anyone arguing with that is just trying to sell you something.

Freebird December 14, 2017

“metal boxes” ? They must mean some kind of a hangar, basically the way TXL is now in it's added terminals B, C & D. This way they can delay the real opening indefinitely and after 10 years of processing in “metal boxes” nobody will notice anymore, very smart.