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Behold Mercedes and Lufthansa’s Stunning Luxury Cabin Design

Mercedes-Benz and Lufthansa Team Up

Luxury carmaker Mercedes-Benz and aviation giant Lufthansa have teamed up to create a lavish cabin design for the future.

The designers behind Lufthansa’s opulent private jet cabins and Mercedes-Benz luxury cars have unveiled a joint concept cabin design at the European Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition (EBACE) in Geneva, Switzerland. Designboom Magazine offered a sneak peek at the remarkable collaboration which promises to redefine the very idea of elite travel accommodations.

“The purpose of our cooperation with Mercedes-Benz style is to unite the two companies’ innovative expertise in the areas of design and technology,” Lufthansa Vice President Walter Heerdt told designboom. “Whether for private or business use, our modular completion concept perfectly fits every purpose.”

Mercedes-Benz and Lufthansa Team Up

The project draws on both Mercedes’ famed engineering creativity and Lufthansa’s reputation for ruthless efficiency, creating lines that make it difficult to tell where furnishings and seating begin and where floor, ceiling and aisle meet. The concept seamlessly blends leather and wood with an aesthetic that will seem very familiar to Mercedes-Benz drivers.

While many of the revolutionary design features in the mock-up are completely fresh ideas, some of the technology exhibited is already in use in Mercedes vehicles and Lufthansa planes. Designs call for the aircraft’s windows to be hidden behind screens that can be found on S-Class dashboards.

“It was an inspiring challenge to transfer our design philosophy of sensual purity into the area of aeronautical engineering,” Design Daimler Vice President Gorden Wagener told designboom. “Sensual surfaces and clear forms, combined with intelligent high-tech features and perfectly shaped modern luxury are the characteristic features of Mercedes-Benz design.”

[Photos: Mercedes / Designboom]

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