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Better Business Bureau Warns Travelers to Avoid Third-Party Booking Sites

The Better Business Bureau is beginning to take action on third-party flight booking sites with negative reviews and complaints.

Since March, the Better Business Bureau has seen an influx of complaints about third-party flight booking sites. So far, the service has received more than 1,400 inquiries and 15 complaints. Most of the negative feedback comes from users of JustFly.com and FlightHub.com.

“We started to hear from customers and had a number of issues,” Peter Moorhouse, the president of CEO of the BBB, told CTV Atlantic. “The most common among them were that the price that the customer was originally quoted for the flight, when they got their credit card statement, they would find that they were billed more.”

Other customers have noticed inaccuracies in their names or travel itinerary information.

“The biggest common denominator was that when the customer tried to get in touch with the company to resolve the issue, they weren’t able to,” said Moorhouse. “They’d be on hold for a long, long period of time, and many times they’d be cut off.”

FlightHub.com had its BBB accreditation revoked about four months ago, and the bureau suspects JustFly.com might be connected somehow to FlightHub.com. Moorhouse said the BBB is investigating those concerns, calling the complaints about the two sites “remarkably similar.”

Inquiries by CTV Atlantic into JustFly.com’s complaints have been met with resistance — when a reporter asked to speak to someone who handles negative feedback, she was told they were only allowed to help customers and were not allowed to give out the number for the head office.

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