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Baby Discovered in Air France Hand Luggage

Passengers and crew aboard an Air France flight from Istanbul to Paris were shocked Monday night to discover a one-year-old infant in a woman’s luggage. After a passenger noticed that the carry-on baggage was moving, cabin crew escorted the woman and the baby to the front of the aircraft. An investigation by French authorities has been launched, and a spokesman for Air France said, “The company requested the presence of the French authorities to flight arrival and fully cooperate with the ongoing investigation by the competent authorities.” The baby was without a ticket at the time of discovery.

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sdsearch March 10, 2016

It''s possible the baby was only put into the luggage AFTER security screening. But that baby was only moving? What a well-behaved baby! (Or was it drugged to subdue it?) What if the luggage had started crying furiously???

ioto1902 March 10, 2016

well wdchuck1, the answer is simple, "it" is not a liquid, nor a gel, nor an illegal substance, nor a weapon, nor a lithium-ion battery !

wdchuck1 March 10, 2016

how did this get past security screening?? hopefully this flight did not originate in the US