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BA to Charge Economy Passengers for Sandwiches by Marks & Spencer

Starting January 11, passengers in short-haul flights will have to purchase their meals.

British Airways is cutting down on expenses. Economy passengers will no longer have a free meal during short-haul flights, The Guardian reports. The airline has signed a deal with Mark & Spencer that will replace free meals on flights lasting less than five hours, joining economy carriers such as Ryanair and easyJet in charging for sandwiches, crisps and drinks.

Before this change, economy passengers would get a bacon sandwich and a complimentary drink, but starting in January, they will have to purchase their in-flight snack. These changes come six months after Alex Cruz took over as British Airways chief executive, after running its low-cost Spanish sister airline Vueling. Cruz says that the meal plan change comes after passengers complained that they wanted better meals and more options during their flights.

“We know our customers expect a great experience with British Airways,” he said. “They’ve told us we are experts in flying and service, but when it comes to catering on short-haul flights, they want to choose from a wider range of premium products.”

According to Cruz, the menu will change with the seasons, as it “breaks the mould and sets a new standard in short-haul catering”. He also said that passengers with the airline’s Avios points, earned as a member of BA’s executive club group, would be able to use them to pay for meals.

The new meal plan goes in effect on January 11 for flights departing from London Gatwick (LGW) and Heathrow Airport (LHR), while passengers departing from London Stansted Airport (STN) and London City (LCY) will still get their free meals until Summer 2017.

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emcampbe September 30, 2016

"All US majors have re-established some kind of free food on Transcons, not to mention the unlimited snacks on Jetblue" I'm not sure what you are talking about. The "snacks" the US majors carry, even on transcons, are barely anything, not much more than the 'fun size' candy bars BA serves as a 'snack' on the shorter TATL flights now. It's 'some sort of free food', I suppose, but barely qualifies as a snack they promote it as - in airline terms, that used to be a sandwich and often some sort of side with that. It's not surprising BA is going this route - the airline's are following up on the good and the bad their competitors have. Anyone who wanted batter quality food, and thought it would come without a price, is quite frankly kidding themselves.

Cofyknsult September 30, 2016

Ha !!! Jonsg, I have no idea of what you are smoking, but can you spare me some ? Seriously, what you suggest is out of the question. BA have managed last year to alienate Premium Class passengers by downgrading Club Europe to a shameful squeezed experience, Air France/KLM will now jump on those Economy passengers and so will Easyjet. The only way the plan will be abandoned is if and when BA's load factors shrink dramatically. It has happened in the past with some carriers, prompting the return of a semblance of service. It is amusing (hmmm...) that these downgrades happen every time competition contracts, as now with the all but named integration of Aer Lingus into IAG/BA.

djjaguar64 September 30, 2016

Such a shame really!

sdsearch September 30, 2016

The only option economy passengers had before was a bacon sandwich? No wonder they asked for more options! Not all passengers are related to Homer Simpson.

edgewood49 September 30, 2016

Look I agree with the above posters, no question however in the world today this is becoming somewhat common place and if I personally had a choice I would rather be able to purchase good food than eat garbage. I have said this to AS as their FC meals are horrible let us have the option to buy a quality food dish. If you have to live with this then let's have the option and be comfortable as possible. Just saying