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BA Releases Survey About Annoying Seatmates Who Take Multiple Bathroom Breaks

According to a collection of flyers surveyed by British Airways, the average flyer becomes annoyed with their seatmates every subsequent time they get up to use the bathroom after the first time. 80% of those polled said that the first time was okay, and that asking to be allowed to leave the aisle is preferable to being shambled over.

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exwannabe December 25, 2017

Sorry, but I do my best to get an aisle seat for exactly this reason. If despite my best efforts to do so the airline shuffles me off the aisle, somebody will just have to do with me getting up up every couple hours. Would they rather I urinate in the seat?

kbelyeu December 24, 2017

Funny.. I am always in an isle seat and could care less if someone needs to get out.. If I don't want to be bothered I pick a window seat.

Counsellor December 21, 2017

As one gets older, one may find that disease or infirmity requires one to urinate (or evacuate) more frequently than "normal". I use the word "require" deliberately - it's not a matter of choice. Would the complainer prefer to rise and allow his fellow passenger out to use the lavatory, or to resist and continue the flight with a damp and smelly seat partner?

jonsg December 21, 2017

So, although we're encouraged to drink water often, we're only allowed one bathroom break in an intercontinental flight because it inconveniences the aisle sitter? Perhaps BA would like to provide urinary catheters for window and centre-block middle-seaters? Oh, and butt plugs? But(t), perhaps those should be used on the deeply-clenched aisle sitters, who need to relax a bit more and accept that humans have metabolic functions!