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BA Joins 21st Century, Offers Expensive Long-Haul Wi-Fi

Over the course of the next two years, British Airways plans to implement high-speed wi-fi aboard 118 of its long-haul aircraft at price packages ranging from £4.99 to £7.99. The £7.99 Stream package will allow flyers to stream video and music, and the cheaper Browse package will include social media and basic webpage access. Three of its aircraft have already begun offering the service.

“British Airways has launched its multi-million pound investment plan to benefit its customers with more choice and quality for all,” said Carolina Martinoli, the carrier’s director of brand and customer experience.

To read more on this story, go to British Airways.

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Full Score February 8, 2018

Nowhere does it mention using Internet voice connections inflight. If these are allowed, I will defect from BA whenever possible.

February 8, 2018

On 3 aircraft already... wow. So like New First and other upgrades it will be potluck for next 18 months or so. I do not understand why BA is so far behind other carriers. It is not that long ago there were no power points on their European fleet. I guess the pricing was not right as we all know this is about generating revenue not making passengers happy.

AlwaysFlyStar February 7, 2018

Also from the source: 'The packages are available to purchase for one hour, four hours or the full flight.' So admittedly, £8 for one hour does seem fairly expensive.

GrayAnderson February 7, 2018

£7.99 for a hypothetical streaming WiFi package on a TATL flight would represent a rather good deal next to a number of US carriers. Now, if that £7.99 is a "starting" price and we're actually going to see £25-30 for an "actual" long haul flight that's another story...but IIRC £7.99 is better than I'd usually get from DL or UA.

VladQ February 6, 2018

From the source: "Prices for the Browse package begin from £4.99 and Stream from £7.99." I guess the author here did not interpret the info correctly.