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BA: Flyer Tried to Bite FA, Ran Pantless Through Cabin, Filed Lawsuit

A UK national is suing British Airways, claiming that a crew member assaulted her following a flight to Dubai, but the airline says there’s much more to the story than meets the eye.

According to a lawsuit filed by 34-year-old Sabrina Sultanova, a birthday holiday turned into a nightmare shortly after her British Airways flight from London Heathrow International Airport (LHR) to Dubai International Airport (DXB) landed. The airline, on the other hand, says that Sutanova’s disruptive behavior made the flight a nightmare for nearly everyone involved.

In Court filings, Sultanova claims that she was violently assaulted and choked unconscious after disembarking from the aircraft upon arrival in the UAE. The London resident says she regained consciousness, only to find herself bruised, cut and battered at a police station. She claims that she had trouble swallowing for several day after the incident and was held in police custody for 12 hours without charges – despite being the victim of violence at the hands of an overly aggressive airline employee. To make matters worse, Sultanova says she later learned that she had been banned from flying on BA and had to make her own way back to the UK.

“I’m just walking through the doors, the staircase is going down and as I pushed my way out, she [flight attendant] screamed saying, ‘She’s leaving,’” Sultanova told the Daily Mail. “The same minute, all I can feel is that I am choking, someone is pulling me backwards and as they are pulling and pulling me – that minute I lost consciousness.”

British Airways claims that the litigious passenger may not be telling the whole story about what occurred on the March 2016 flight. Far from being a victim, the airline says that it was Sultanova who was violent. According to the carrier, she was restrained “for her own safety” until police arrived. Airline officials told the newspaper that employees acted responsibly as they “looked after an unwell customer.”

In addition to refuting Sultanova’s claims, British Airways made a handful of shocking allegations about her own conduct during the flight. The airline claims that she not only disrupted the flight with abusive behavior, but at one point ran through the cabin with her pants down and attempted to bite flight attendants.

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