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BA Crew Says “Nope” to Bedbug-Filled Flight

A British Airways flight to Ghana was delayed by four hours after cabin crew refused to fly aboard the aircraft, in which bedbugs were allegedly crawling over the aircraft seats, visible to the naked eye. According to the carrier, an entirely new crew was assigned after the initial crew raised complaints minutes before the flight was scheduled to depart.

To read more on this story, go to The Sun.

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1footman January 18, 2018

I was attacked by bedbugs on a 747 LHR- YVR last October.My back was a mess.It turned there was a previous incident the week before on a YVR-LHR.A passenger pointed out the bugs before they left but was told there were no other seats.When they arrived their daughter was covered in bites.They upgraded them on the return flight!I eventually received a phone call from the Newcastle office informing me i should have advised the flight crew.It wasn;t until i got off the plane that i noticed them.Customer service was a nitemare the only people i was able to contact were in India and advised me to file a complaint by e-mail!This is not an isolated case and shows what happens when they contract out their cleaning services which the new ceo from Spain did when he took over.Bye-bye BA i will be flying someone else.I am still itching!

sleuth January 17, 2018

Wonder if this aircraft is frequently used for Ghana. I brought home bedbugs from a nine day stay in Accra several years ago. Took nearly three months to get rid of them since the most effective insecticide is banned in the US. Good for the crew refusing to work that aircraft. And if it was so many that they were visibly crawling on the seats it may be best just to rip out the seats and carpet, burn them, fumigate the a/c and install new seats and carpet. Bed bugs are incredibly resistant to many insecticides, and hide in well protected areas.

rstruthe January 17, 2018

Replacement plane was found, hopefully this plane was fumigated properly and not just moved to another gate!

RG1X January 16, 2018

So the crew gets to say no... not convinced I'd be able to, at least not and get my money back.