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BA Changes Policy, Begins Charging for Carry-On Instruments

Classical music website Slipped Disc confirmed that it had received a reply from British Airways regarding a new charge for musical instruments are carry-on luggage:

It’s true that we’ve changed our policy and we’re unable to allow musical instruments to be carried in cabin as hand baggage without charge. We ask all passengers travelling with musical instruments to contact us for assistance prior to their journey. ^Oliver

To read more on this story, go to Slipped Disc.

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Great_circle January 4, 2018

I had to travel multiple times with a guitar (or several!) in the 80ies/90ies and very often I wasn’t allowed to bring any as hand luggage. To be honest I would have been quite happy to pay for it back then, which was also out of the question. And also, usually travelling now without my guitar I wonder how all those people can bring theirs on board nowadays.. especially on BA-flights

grbauctions December 23, 2017

its called un-bundling and you pay for what services you want. I get it that its painful because you might be use to not having a separate charge for bringing on your musical instruments. In the past you paid a fee and it covered most services in the present you pay for what you want/use. Get use to it all airlines are heading this direction.

ranles December 22, 2017

BA made their changes. That's their right. The above responses are the rights of those flyers. Convenience and total cost is often the real determinate of who we fly (and frequent flyer programs and existing status...benefits). Can this be one mans flute is another's cello? Guess the reason does not matter. Maybe it is to increase revenue? If they actually see a loss of business, they will probably change it back. Doubt either will happen..

jonsg December 21, 2017

If I can't bring my flute with me, I won't bring my _me_ with me, either. Nice one, BA. Best guess: Richard Branson won't have a problem with musical instruments...

Full Score December 21, 2017

I agree entirely with Alison. Disgraceful, lower standards all round and penny-pinching everywhere. Maybe they’ll start to charge me for taking my batons onboard, or deem they’re a flight risk. Come back Lord King!