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BA CEO: “No Apology” for Dropping Free Food on Flights

Yesterday, British Airways CEO Alex Cruz defended his decision to start charging for food on short-haul flights. While charges are increasing in-flight, it’s part of their long-term plan to keep tickets low and competitive.

“Given some of the fares in the marketplace, we make no apology for making ourselves more efficient in various ways so we can consistently compete effectively,” Cruz said Wednesday in London. He added that BA remains, “and always will be,” a premium airline.

BA got rid of free meals in January of this year, instead providing “onboard snacks and sandwiches” for purchase from Marks & Spencer Group Plc.


For more on this story, head to Bloomberg.

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chris19992 December 8, 2017

Premium airlines don't charge for food. BA has not been anything resembling a premium airline for over a decade.