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BA Cabin Crew to Take Action Over On-Board Performance

Passive resistance: BA cabin crew voted for action over the implementation of a new performance management dashboard, but rather than striking, they have opted to not engage with the system.

The Guardian has reported that British Airways (BA) cabin crew have voted in favor of industrial action over the carrier’s use of the Dashboard Performance Management scheme, BA’s new on-board performance review system. While it has been reported that 91 percent of the 8,800 members of the British Airlines Stewards and Stewardesses Association (BASSA) voted in favor of action, it appears that there are no strikes on the horizon.

Rather, BASSA says that its members will protest by simply not engaging with the system and will decline to sign off their feedback forms.

BASSA is the labor body representing BA’s cabin crew and is itself a section of Unite, Britain’s largest trade union.

Union officials have been lobbying BA to scrap this system, which allows both passengers and peers to offer immediate feedback to cabin crew. This data is presented in the form of rankings and a stoplight-style warning system for crew members whose performance has been rated as poor.

BA has defended its use of this type of system, saying that these kind of metrics are common across the airline industry and can be a useful tool in improving staff performance.

Unite, however, believes that the Dashboard Performance Management scheme has resulted in its members receiving unfair feedback from passengers who may be scoring crew on things like faulty entertainment or air conditioning systems, conditions which are beyond their control.

In a statement on Wednesday, Matt Smith, Unite’s regional officer, said, “Our members have voted overwhelmingly against the introduction of this flawed dashboard scheme. The BA management should note the enormous strength of feeling against this policy with what, we suspect, is a hidden agenda of future job losses…”

Responding to the union, BA told the paper that “This sort of feedback is common in all industries and enables us to commend cabin crew who perform well and support those that need to improve.”

It also added that it would “…remain open to discussions with our cabin crew and their union representatives about this new system.”

[Photo: British Airways]

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Sydneyberlin August 22, 2016

Ha- given what kind of old dragons this airline employs, I'm not surprised in the slightest that they wouldn't want to be rated on their performance! In the case of BA, the 'traffic light dashboard' would just show one red after another.