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Aurora Australis Wows Charter Flight Passengers

Passengers saw the light on a special flight specifically to view the Aurora Australis phenomenon.

In case you didn’t know, our celestial friend the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) has a sister show in the south called the Aurora Australis. They’re visible around the South Pole, in Australia, New Zealand, Antarctica, and other countries in that region. And on Friday, a charter flight in New Zealand held its initial journey to see the Aurora Australis up close, from above.

The flight took off from New Zealand’s South Island with 130 passengers on board, all of who had been guaranteed a light show, and flew to 62 degrees south latitude. The flight was eight hours — and four of those were spent viewing the lights.

“We’ve traveled two-thirds of the way to the south pole, seen an incredible display of the southern lights, got lovely pictures and were home in time for breakfast,” Dr. Ian Griffin, the trip’s organizer, told New Zealand’s TVNZ.

Passengers paid a hefty sum for the flights: about $2,815 (NZ$4,000) for economy and about $5,630 (NZ$8,000) for business seats. The charter was so popular that it sold out and the organizers are already looking to plan one for next year.

Travelers on the flight took to social media to express their awe at seeing the lights, using the hashtag #flighttothelights.

“Our lives are forever altered by this incredible experience and we are eternally grateful to have been a part of this remarkable event,” passenger Roz Charlton said on Facebook, as reported by The Guardian.

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airsurfer March 27, 2017

Well, some scheduled flights like QF63/64, QF27/18 and LA800/801 fly on such latitudes and even hight to allow viewing the auroras.