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Asiana Airlines Flight Crashes at SFO


An Asiana Airlines 777 crashed Saturday morning at San Francisco International Airport. While no official statement has been released about what happened, it appears the plane encountered trouble during landing when the tail came off and ignited a fire. Video footage shows the ceiling burned off and smoke surrounding the plane.

Witnesses reported the tail coming apart during landing and a section of the plane apparently caught fire. There are no reports of injuries or casualties, and passengers were seen exiting the plane through emergency slides.

The airport is closed indefinitely and all flights have been cancelled. If your travel plans are affected, call your airline immediately to make alternative plans. Nearby airports (Oakland International and San Jose) remain open. All access to SFO is closed and drivers are advised to stay off Highway 101 until further notice.


UPDATE 4:44 p.m (ET): Sources at the San Francisco Fire Department are reporting two casualties and 75 injuries.

UPDATE 7:13 p.m (ET): Of the 291 passengers, two casualties have been reported, along with 40 injured, 10 of them in critical condition,

Live coverage of the crash: http://betaplayer.radio.com/player/kcbs-all-news-740-am-1069-fm

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gglave July 7, 2013

Link in story to FT thread is broken.

ozcaz July 7, 2013

This is very sad. What i find amazing are the people coming off with their luggage. Are they mad? Husband flies for work every week and can say the whole safety demo down pat. He always insists when we travel make sure we have id, credit card, and passport in our pocket. That way we can if we survive something like this we have access to cash and id . I always thought he was nuts before i saw this. Anything left behind doesnt matter,

mre5765 July 7, 2013

When you write casualty, don't you mean fatality? An injury or death is a casualty.

dtshakuras July 7, 2013

Man, this is sad and chilling.

dtshakuras July 7, 2013

Originated in Incheon International.