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Artful Dodger Can’t Get Assault Rifle Past TSA

Despite a creative attempt to get past Transportation Security Administration agents at Newark Liberty International Airport, two flyers are facing charges of attempting to sneak a high-power rifle and ammunition in a checked bag. The two New Jersey Residents were caught during a routine sweep of luggage destined for outgoing aircraft.

Two New Jersey flyers are facing charges of illegally smuggling weapons through Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR) in their checked luggage, hiding an assault rifle in a rather creative place. A tweet from Transportation Security Administration Lisa Farbstein shows how the passengers attempted to pack an assault rifle, magazines and ammunition onto an aircraft by sewing it all inside the lining of their suitcase.


Bust Yields Gun, Hollow-Point Ammo and Magazines

According to detailed shared by WNBC-TV, the flyers were attempting to travel through Newark with the weapon, and checked it as luggage. The weapon was “artfully concealed” between the wall and lining of their suitcase.

During routine screening of luggage, TSA agents detected the weapon, leading them to start an investigation. Found inside the suitcase was the assault rifle, one high-capacity magazines, four boxes of hollow-point bullets, and three regular magazines. Although the weapon was not loaded, one of the magazines contained bullets.

The flyers, both from the Newark area, were found at their departing gate at Newark Liberty’s Terminal C. They were both taken into custody without further incident.

“Our TSA officers are very skilled at detecting firearms and other prohibited items,” Tom Carter, federal security director for the TSA in New Jersey, told WNBC. “This was an incredibly good catch on the part of our officers because the traveler attempted to evade detection by concealing the items beneath the lining of his suitcase.”

Guns Remain a Problem at Airports Despite COVID-19 Pandemic

With fewer flyers due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the TSA has not prepared regular updates on the number of weapons found at their checkpoints. However, flyers carrying guns through TSA checkpoints remains a major problem.

Between Feb. 24 and Apr. 22, 2020, the TSA discovered a total of 317 guns at checkpoints across the United States. Of those, 263 were loaded, and 93 were ready to fire. The TSA says they have found 1.24 guns per 100,000 flyers screened – which is 2.68 times greater than the same period in 2019.

Feature image courtesy: Transportation Security Administration

Boggie Dog July 27, 2020

Firearms can be transported in checked luggage as long as the weapon is declared and a few other rules are followed. In this case the procedures were not followed but shouldn't TSA be capable of detecting firearms with little to no trouble? Big catch? NO!

FEasy July 27, 2020

"Of those, 263 were loaded, and 93 were ready to fire." Would this threaten a plane? Planes are relatively fragile, given their their design focus on leight weight and the fact that they are pressurised.

c1ue July 24, 2020

A pair of morons. There are literally hundreds of ways to find a firearm: shape, metal, chemical residue etc etc

darthbimmer July 23, 2020

So TSA caught this *one* undeclared firearm. What about the government audit years ago that found they missed 95% of the smuggled firearms in tests? The TSA is Security Theater.

tonyv8 July 23, 2020

Duh! Did these guys not know about X-rays?