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$26 TimTams?! Sydney Airport’s Prices Get Roasted Online

The cost of a pack of cookies at Sydney Airport (SYD) has divided online opinion. A photo uploaded to Reddit shows a pound and a half bag of Tim Tams – an iconic Australian chocolate sandwich cookie – being sold for AUD $26 (USD $17). The post sparked disbelief among users and a price comparison search.

The price of a pack of cookies at Sydney Airport (SYD) has divided online opinion, as The Daily Mail reports. According to a photo posted by an unnamed passenger on Reddit, the cookies – a bag of Tim Tams, a chocolate sandwich cookie popular in Australia – were spotted at the airport featuring a price tag of AUD $26 (USD $17).

Image Source: Jpatokal/Reddit

The posted picture triggered comments of disbelief among other users and prompted many to conduct a price comparison exercise as to how much is appropriate to pay for these treats. The weight of the bag for sale at Sydney Airport was 663 grams or 23.4 ounces.

According to the outlet, one Reddit user observed that it’s possible to buy a bag of the same weight online from a local Australian retailer for as little as AUD $14.89 (USD $10.24).

This one is 663 grams, but I assume due to it being in an airport, bite size form, and larger packaging, that’s probably why the price is the price it is,” another was quoted as saying.

Still, yet another user was more acerbic in their assessment of the price of goods at the facility in general, saying, “I take delight in spending nothing at Sydney airport. I meant not a single cent if I can avoid it.”

 [Image: Flickr]

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Mordor2112 June 28, 2019

Airport prices are crazy anywhere, can't compare with retail prices. Two weeks ago I bought a 200g pack for less than USD 10 in a supermarket in Brazil! And that including all the taxes and import fees.

Sydneyberlin June 28, 2019

I don't see what the fuzz is. Tim Tams is a brand that lots of foreigners love. If you're too stupid/unplanned/lazy to walk into Woolies (Supermarket) during your stay in Sydney to get some, then hey, live with those prices! They obs get away with it, that's called business, pure and simple.

RoamingGeek June 27, 2019

How about LAX where a neck pillow costs $50 which you can buy at Walmart for $3.

delpiero223 June 27, 2019

Have to agree with @strickerj. This is pure clickbait.

The_Bouncer June 27, 2019

Market forces, pure and simple. Want the cookies? $26. Don't want to pay it? No problem. Someone else will.