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Apparently, Wearing a Romper Is Considered “Offensive” on American Airlines

Even when an airline doesn’t have a published dress code, you may want to be careful about what you’re wearing on a plane—it’s not unheard of for a passenger to be forced into covering themselves up because someone had an issue with the outfit they were wearing, as one passenger recently experienced.

On a recent American Airlines flight, a Houston-area doctor was forced to get off the plane before takeoff and cover up her outfit with a blanket. The airline has no posted dress code, simply stating in their regulations to “Dress appropriately; bare feet or offensive clothing aren’t allowed,” Business Insider reported.

Dr. Latisha “Tisha” Rowe, the passenger in question, was told by cabin crew that her multi-colored romper was deemed “inappropriate” by American Airlines cabin crew and told her if she didn’t cover her bottom half with a blanket, she wouldn’t be allowed to fly. Rowe says she was treated poorly because of her race and body type—and members of the FlyerTalk forum agree.

“I have a very curvaceous body, and I put my body in bold colors, so you’re going to see it,” she told Business Insider. “But it’s not vulgar. It’s not inappropriate. It’s not bad, you know? If you put someone who’s a size 2 in the exact same outfit next to me, no one would be bothered.”

Rowe noted she was acting calmly throughout the incident, but a flight attendant still oddly warned her “not to make a scene.” She was on the flight with her son, who was fighting back tears.

“My automatic mommy protective mode started. I’m like, ‘how do I fix it?’ I don’t want to be in this situation. I just, I want this done,” she added. Since covering up was the only way she and her son can stay aboard, Rowe asked the flight attendant for a blanket to cover up since she didn’t have a jacket at hand.

Rowe tweeted photos of her outfit once the plane landed to show that it was not inappropriate. The airline is investigating the incident.


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waterskifly July 11, 2019

I've definitely seen worse on AA flights, i would prefer people cover up, but I'd also prefer people not clip their toe nails on flights.. such is life. I immediately tuned out this story and lost empathy for the woman after viewing her twitter feed and it was laden with racist takes, retweets, and comments.

Dublin_rfk July 10, 2019

The story seems to evolve with each publication. I expect at more than a little DYKWIA is involved.

craig44485 July 10, 2019

Looks OK to me, I've seen worse on flights honestly.