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Anyone Who Flies to Canada Should Take Advantage of This Offer

Flyers traveling to, from or through Canada may want to see if their current airline status qualifies for a match with WestJet. Through Dec. 15, 2019, flyers can use their current status to match up to WestJet Rewards Silver or Gold, with an opportunity to earn status through 2021 with challenges.

If you fly to, from or within Canada regularly, it may be time to match your status with WestJet. The Canadian carrier announced a status match promotion through Dec. 15, 2019, offering Frequent Flyers the opportunity to match their status with their WestJet Rewards loyalty program.

Status match opportunities through 2021 with WestJet Rewards

To earn a status match, flyers must submit proof of their status and their WestJet Rewards information through their website. If everything aligns correct, flyers can earn status through March 30, 2020. To earn a match, you must have current status with one of the following airlines:

Silver WestJet Rewards status:

  • Air Canada Altitude 25K
  • Porter Airlines VIPorter Passport
  • Alaska Airlines MileagePlan MVP
  • United MileagePlus Premier Silver
  • British Airways Executive Club Bronze or Silver

Gold WestJet Rewards status:

  • Air Canada Altitude 35K or higher
  • Porter Airlines VIPorter Priority
  • American Airlines AAdvantage Gold or higher
  • United MileagePlus Premier Gold or higher
  • Alaska Airlines MileagePlan MVP Gold or higher (including Million Mile Flyer)
  • British Airways Executive Club Gold

From there, flyers can potentially keep their newly-earned status through 2021 through additional challenges. By taking a minimum of one WestJet flight between Nov. 15, 2019 and Mar. 31, 2020, flyers can keep their status through June 30, 2020. However, restrictions apply: those with status from a Canadian airline can take a WestJet flight anywhere, while U.S.-based or British Airways elites must take a transborder flight across the U.S.-Canada border or across the Atlantic Ocean, respectively.

To keep that status through 2021, flyers must meet a minimum spend with the airline between the time their second “one flight” challenge is complete and June 30, 2020. Those who match to Silver WestJet Rewards status must spend $1,500 to requalify for status, while those who matched up to Gold must spend $3,000.

Is it a good deal?

If you spend any time flying between the United States and Canada, this status match option can be a great deal. With one e-mail, you can earn top-tier status through March 2020, giving you plenty of time to not only fly with WestJet, but to see if it’s an airline that works for you. If it does, $3,000 is a significantly lower spending threshold to hit than other loyalty programs – especially when you can extend your status for nearly one additional year.

If you are a loyal Delta Air Lines flyer, this promotion doesn’t benefit you much, as you already get reciprocal benefits from being a SkyMiles Medallion elite flyer. But for everyone else, there’s a lot of upward mobility and nothing to lose – especially if you’re tired of being treated like cattle by the other airlines.

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