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Another Passenger Is Dragged From His Seat

In a scene reminiscent of the removal of Dr. David Dao from a United Airlines flight in 2017, footage has emerged of a family being taken off of a TAROM flight. Appearances, however, are deceiving; it soon became clear that the group was removed due to hostile behavior from a member of this trio.

Back in 2017, Dr. David Dao was violently and infamously removed from his seat on-board a United Airlines flight and as The Independent reports, a similarly dramatic incident happened on a recent TAROM flight from Amsterdam to the Egyptian capital via Bucharest.

According to Aviation24.be, video footage of this second incident was captured by passenger Viorica Hagagg who then posted the clip on a now-removed Facebook post. This latest incident occurred onboard TAROM Flight ROT 101, which had departed from the Dutch capital on the evening of July 16th.

Once all passengers had been seated on the connecting service from Amsterdam, Hagagg’s post, as quoted by the latter outlet, relates how the incident unfolded. A woman seated on the emergency exit row, “…who did not speak English or Romanian (she spoke French) did not understand or did not want to get the instructions with respect to the emergency exit rules.”

Security officers were called and Hagagg then states in her post that passengers requested that a translator be summoned for the woman, who was traveling with her husband and child.

This request was denied and the woman, along with her husband and child, were removed from the flight. Hagagg’s video captures the moment security officers drag the woman’s husband from the flight as passengers look on.

However, it eventually transpired that the group was removed from the flight because the woman apparently spat at a member of the flight’s crew after being asked to move seats.

The Independent reports that, as they were not able to understand instructions in either English or Romanian, crew attempted to move the group to different seats.

Responding to the incident via Facebook, TAROM said, “…we regret what happened, but we cannot fail to respect European regulations or allow a passenger to endanger the safety and security of other passengers.

[Image: Video/ Viorica Hagagg]

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chavala July 24, 2019

How is this at ALL like the Dr Dao indecent? She SPAT on a FA? Are you kidding me?