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Another Dreamliner Catches Fire


Another day, another Dreamliner catching fire. Two weeks after a parked Ethiopian Airlines 787 caught fire at Heathrow Airport and a Thomson Airways flight was diverted over a technical issue, the trouble continues, this time for an Air India Dreamliner headed from Delhi to Kolkota.

The airline reports that a fire broke out midflight on Wednesday after the oven overheated. No injuries were reported.

It should be noted that this fire was unrelated to the battery or Emergency Locator Transmitter (ELT) system, both of which were cited as causes in previous incidents.

Boeing has already spent over $100 million to fix the battery issue, and airlines have been instructed by the FAA to either inspect or temporarily remove the ELT on the Dreamliner to avoid fire hazards.

It is unclear whether the Dreamliner will be grounded again following recent issues.

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woodway July 26, 2013

Not even an overheating oven. From the WSJ: "Separately, a person familiar with the situation said that an incident on Thursday in which an Air India Ltd. 787 experienced smoke from an overheating galley oven during an Indian domestic flight was traced to an item left cooking for too long." Happens every day all over the world.

nestafaria July 26, 2013

Terrible headline, terrible article. Last one I read of yours.

pdsales July 26, 2013

Headline is a cheap shot, "another" at least suggests that the chain of related problems continue. Flyertalk readers deserve better.

tegelad July 26, 2013

As per another thread on the United forum .... I initially wanted to rename the plane to the DeathStar ... but another user aptly wants to name it .... DreamBurner ..... +-ADT

jib71 July 26, 2013

I think the article should stay. But the title should be "Another Oven Catches Fire".