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Amid More Financial Losses, Malaysia Air Apologizes for Another Social Media Snafu


The troubled carrier is forced to apologize for an insensitive tweet, as wreckage of downed Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 is reconstructed

Executives at Malaysia Airlines are once again forced to apologize after an insensitive marketing tweet was removed just before the company announced continued financial losses.

According to USA Today, the tweet asked Malaysian Airlines followers: “Want to go somewhere, but don’t know where?” The airline was immediately criticized by many who felt the comments were insensitive, considering that Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 is still missing. Executives at the company pulled the tweet a day later, and issued an apology for “…unintentionally [causing] offense to some.”

The tweet is the second social media err the airline has committed in the past year. In September, the carrier launched a promotion, asking flyers to identify their “bucket list” destinations. The promotion was pulled shortly after the announcement.

The social media blunder comes as the airline reported another quarterly loss. USA Today reports the net loss for the Malaysian flag carrier increased by 53 percent this quarter, compared to the quarter ending in September 2013. The airline is expected to be delisted from stock markets and privatized under a plan that involves a government takeover. Around 6,000 jobs are expected to be cut as part of a goal to become profitable in three years.

The scorn comes as Malaysia Airlines Flight 17, which crashed in the Ukraine, is recovered and will be transported back to The Netherlands. The Chicago Tribune reports the recovery efforts are complete more than four months after the Boeing 777-200ER went down. The wreckage will now be delivered to an undisclosed military base, where Dutch aviation investigators will reconstruct it.

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weegraeme December 3, 2014

Some people just go out of their way to be offended.

telabadmanwot December 2, 2014

People fail to realize what a (continued) PR disaster MH is engaged in. They need professionals to come in and not use in house college graduates in this time of repeatedly renewed crisis. #MalayFail

go_around December 2, 2014

This is over the top, and not nearly as controversial as the pulled BA advert "from London to the Indian Ocean" that went out around the time of MH370.

CaptHolic December 2, 2014

So basically they can not advertise ANYTHING, is that correct? What a pathetic world this is! MH if you are listening, advertise whatever you want. Those who complain wouldn't fly with you anyway!!!

planestupid December 2, 2014

Poor Malaysian marketing team. Anything they say can -and will- be construed as bearing reference to one of the two desasters.