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America’s Favorite (And Least Favorite) Airlines and Hotel Chains

The American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) revealed how travelers in the United States feel about the brands we all know. This year’s report reveals that satisfaction with airlines in the United States is up. However, satisfaction has declined when it comes to how travelers feel regarding hotels.

Satisfaction among airline passengers traveling on airlines based in the United States rose by 1.4% this year. Airlines earned an overall satisfaction score of 74 out of 100. Major carriers like Delta, Alaska, United, Spirit and Frontier all saw significant increases. One of the ways that airlines are managing to satisfy customers is through robust mobile-friendly options. In addition, options for early reservations and streamlined check-in processes also helped to give customers positive impressions.

Alaska Airlines took the top spot among airlines this year with a satisfaction score of 80. Alaska’s loyalty program and recently expanded network were both contributing factors. JetBlue and Southwest actually tied for second place. Both had scores of 79. Customers liked JetBlue’s seat comfort and amenities. Southwest’s score of 79 is actually down a point from last year. It is believed that issues stemming from recent Boeing 737 MAX crashes are responsible. Southwest has been forced to cancel close to 4,500 flights as a result of grounded 737s this spring. The three airlines that scored below the industry average of 74 are American, Allegiant, United and Frontier.

The ratings weren’t so positive when it comes to hotels. The overall satisfaction level among hotel guests in the United States actually dropped 1.3% from the previous year. Both large hotels and small hotels saw dips. However, hotels still managed to reach an overall satisfaction score of 75. Hilton and Marriott tied for first place. Both pulled in scores of 80 out of 100. Customers tend to give both brands high marks when it comes to their loyalty programs. Hyatt, InterContinental and Best Western are the other hotel brands that managed to pull in above-average scores. The hotel brands that scored below the average were Choice, La Quinta, Wyndham and G6 Hospitality.

Travelers also chimed in regarding their feelings about travel websites that are used to book flights, hotel rooms and rental cars. TripAdvisor took the top spot with a satisfaction score of 82 and Orbitz took the second spot with a score of 81. Priceline finished in last place with a score of 76.

[Featured Image: Hilton]

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Gallivanter June 14, 2019

MisterBill - that's the first thing I noticed, too. Apparently counting to four remains a challenge for some...

AJNEDC June 12, 2019

It wonder what I would see if the data were broken out by FF customers and not. I suspect customers who are part of loyalty programs provide better scoring because they are tied to the teats of their reward programs.

Sabai June 10, 2019

Now that Starwood has been eliminated, Marriott fancies itself as having a competitive loyalty program. Lack of competition will do that to you.

MisterBill June 7, 2019

"The three airlines that scored below the industry average of 74 are American, Allegiant, United and Frontier."