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American to Cut Sling Load on Disliked Sandwiches

American Airlines has made the choice to replace the widely disliked breakfast sandwiches on its in-flight menus with a flatbread sandwich and two different omelets due to overwhelming customer feedback.

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chrisboote December 6, 2017

And, as usual with US airlines, every one is cheese What is the US obsession with cheese?

hejiranyc December 5, 2017

Wow, in the 21st century, why isn't it possible to get an airline meal that doesn't include some rotting piece of dead animal flesh in it? Sure, I can order the "vegetarian" option, but this is usually a chunk of iceberg lettuce and blue cheese dressing. Yuck. Contrary to popular belief, vegetarians/vegans like to EAT.

thewire December 5, 2017

I will stick to the plan of stopping at one of the greasy spoon stand in the food court to pick up something to drink and just let A.A. provide my adult beverage. Yes at 6am egg Mc Muffin with Vodka and Cranberry juice is wonderful. Tried it on my last 1st Class flight.

Berniecfc December 5, 2017

You know whatever they serve is not going to look like the pictures. I think the current breakfast has more nourishment if you eat the cardboard box instead of what is in it. Any change can only be a step forward for the better.

KevAZ December 5, 2017

Turkey sausage....I doubt it was a health driver. Diversity rules again.