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American Cuts Ties with ExpressJet, Trans States

In a move to consolidate their use of regional carriers, American Airlines will drop two more partner airlines when their contracts expire in 2019. The Dallas-based carrier confirmed they will stop flying marketing flights with ExpressJet and Trans States.

American Airlines is continuing to consolidate regional flights in their network, at the cost of two contracts with long-term partners. Bloomberg reports the carrier will no longer market flights with regional airline partners ExpressJet and Trans States Airlines.

ExpressJet operated regional flights out of American from their headquarters hub of Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport (DFW), while Trans States provided much of their regional flight service from Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport (DCA), held over from before the merger with US Airways. Both contracts will expire in 2019 and will not be renewed.

In their place, service at DCA will be operated by American’s in-house regional carrier, Envoy Air (formerly known as American Eagle Airlines). The flights operated by ExpressJet at DFW will transition over to SkyWest Airlines, the parent company of ExpressJet.

When the changes are finalized, both ExpressJet and Trans States will exclusively provide regional service to United Airlines. The Atlanta-based carrier ended their agreement with Delta in 2017. SkyWest will continue to provide regional airline service for the four major American carriers throughout the country. A spokesperson for the smaller airline told Bloomberg they were “very confident” they could repurpose the 12 aircraft dedicated to American.

The move is part of a consolidation strategy for American, as they have reduced the number of regional carriers from 10 to seven in 2018. The airline ended their relationship with Air Wisconsin in February 2018, around the same time Air Wisconsin announced a five-year capacity purchasing agreement with United running through 2023. Per the Trans States website, the airline flies a fleet of Embraer E-145 airframes. They have not yet announced how those aircraft will be repurposed after the contract expires.

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6P&E May 9, 2018

Worst FA I have had in recent memory was in F on a Trans States from DCA-BNA. Never looked at a single passenger, never smiled, hid in the galley as much as possible. I get he may hate his job, but still.....

cosflyer May 9, 2018

hdvargas1, same here with trans states, i avoid any united flying that involves that clown show from st louis whether its trans states or gojet...have not had to much exposure with expressjet out here in colorado.

May 8, 2018

This is welcomed news! ExpressJet is a subpar airline that I believe does not care for their crew or their customers. They have crappy ERJs that need repair; yet, they've done almost nothing to rectify their issues. Also, their morale reflects on many of the cranky FAs. I feel for them. :/ I empathize that they have to work in crappy equipment. This might be enough to make me switch from United to American (even if American is slightly more expensive for the routes I fly).

Icecat May 8, 2018

More incorrect information. Envoy is marketed as American Eagle.

mvoight May 8, 2018

If the bottles are ending up in a landfill, that is a problem the hotels should fix. They should be recyclable. The dispensers are NOT safe... The ones I have seen can be easily tampered with, plus cleanliness is another issue.