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American Brings Back First Class Meals

With the travel sector recovering quickly in 2022, American Airlines is bringing back a long-standing service tradition to the forward cabin.
First class cabin flyers aboard American Airlines will soon have one more amenity coming back to their tray tables.


The airline announced meals would once again return to the forward cabin on select flights starting on Wednesday, February 16, 2022.


Meal Options Include Mixed Nuts, Charcuterie, Salmon and Entrée Salads

Starting on February 16, meal service will be offered to first class flyers on trips longer than 3.5 hours. The dining options will include an appetizer, protein or vegetarian entrée, salad and desert. Later in the month, meal service will be extended to flights between 2.5 and 3.5 hours.


Image courtesy: American Airlines


Alongside the traditional favorites, American is also offering several lighter, healthier fares. Grain bowls and “heart-healthy” salads will be offered alongside short rib and charcuterie boards. For shorter flights between 2.5 and 3.5 hours, the airline will offer lighter meals for the shorter flights, such as smoked salmon or a fruit and cheese plate.


Image courtesy: American Airlines


On the same date meals will return to longer flights, first class flyers will once again get a pre-departure beverage service. As with previous options, travelers can select between water, soft drinks and several alcoholic options.


By April 2022, the airline says flyers will once again be able to select their first class meal before they travel through preordering. In May 2022, American will re-introduce special meal requests, including special meals for those requesting an Asian, vegetarian, diabetic, Hindu, kosher, gluten intolerant, Muslim, or vegan option.


American Brings Back Meals, While Other Airlines Cut Back Services

While American is bringing back comforts for those in the first class cabin, other carriers are not as excited to bring back services. Alaska Airlines announced in January 2022 they would cut some in-flight services as both a safety precaution and because the carrier is short on staff due to illness outbreaks.


Feature image courtesy: American Airlines

AsiaTravel2019 February 16, 2022

Meanwhile, the entire meal will be brought on one tray, all at once, and the FA will never return to see if you need anything else or refill your drink. They will be in the galley playing on their phones. 

96SS February 14, 2022

So, the same FA's that did not serve pre-departure bevs before covid, still wont. And the food items posted above are still bad.

SeatOfMyPants February 12, 2022

It's about freaking time! One of the more cheapskate things AA has ever done. 

Dublin_rfk February 11, 2022

Tcon's on another carrier have had meals for more than a year!

F16wannabe February 10, 2022

Are these meals going to come complete with flight attendant barking at me to pull my mask up between bites?