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Hated Project Oasis? You Won’t Love Project Kodiak

Hated Project Oasis? You Won’t Love Project Kodiak
Joe Cortez

FlyerTalkers who weren’t happy with “Project Oasis” may have mixed opinions on American Airline’s latest project, Project Kodiak. It’s American Airlines’ most recent attempt to “fix” American Airlines’ domestic first-class product but some say it isn’t a fix at all. 

American Airlines is once again putting their Boeing 737-800 under retrofits—but this time, economy won’t see any downgrades. Project Kodiak is a retrofit that’s focused on the first-class cabin of American Airlines’ domestic flights. Will the project “bear” good news for frequent American flyers? Or will this bring even more potential downgrades from the front of the cabin?

What Was Project Oasis?

“Project Kodiak” is American Airlines’ first attempt to fix “Project Oasis,” the last iteration of the first-class cabin aboard American’s domestic fleet. You might remember “Project Oasis” as American Airlines’ new “densified” cabin with the virally small “ultra slimline lavatory” that lead to frustrating seat reassignments, and, as one descriptive FlyerTalker put it, seats that are “odious, cramped, nano-thick seat cushioned, and the seat in front of you touches your forehead when reclined.”

It suffices to say that smaller and more-cramped rarely equals better and you can read all the opinions on how Project Oasis was decidedly not better in the FlyerTalk thread devoted to it. In fact, there were so many complaints about American Airlines’ new densified seats that rumors of a Project Oasis retrofitting reversal started circulating early last year.

What Will Project Kodiak Fix?

Project Kodiak is a retrofit to Project Oasis’ first-class cabins and, ideally, it would fix the most complained about problems with American Airlines’ first-class cabin: the Rockwell Collins MiQ seats which featured reduced legroom, limited under-seat storage and an uncomfortable, rigid bar in the middle of the thinly-padded seat.

But, so far, it doesn’t look like the improvements of Project Kodiak will be very far-reaching. For starters, the new seats are also built by Rockwell Collins and the only increase in legroom mentioned involves row 1.

The new retrofit will provide more separation between first class and the premium economy cabin and will come with tablet holders and USB power.

And, speaking of in-flight entertainment, although American promised to delay the removal of seat-back entertainment systems from the domestic fleet, the quick-moving “Project Kodiak” will see them removed sooner rather than later. If the first retrofit is successful, the remainder of the fleet could reportedly start the retrofit as soon as Spring 2020.

With “Project Oasis” still underway, there’s no timeline on when “Project Kodiak” could be coming to an aircraft near you.

Where Do I Submit My Complaints?

The AA “Project Kodiak” (Oasis First remediation) underway (Jan 2020) FlyerTalk forum thread is a good place to vent.

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  1. wdchuck1

    January 15, 2020 at 4:24 am

    after 35 years and 9.7MM – my AA loyalty has left the gate…i am done with this nonsense- Project Kodiak is just putting lipstick on a pig

    I tried DL on Monday and it’s hands down above AA domestically- especially when you have to deal with LGA

    my plan now is simple – fly AA when the pricing and equipment is best – Fly DL at other times.

    i will keep my EXP status since it it worth it for me in Asia but i cand o that by flying 101K miles instead of my usual flying >200EQM,

  2. divrdrew

    January 15, 2020 at 5:24 am

    AA is a worthless airline. I’ve flown in Oasis cabins before and they stink. Just hope you don’t have to go to the bathrooms. I’m quite slim and still needed to contort my body. Worst idea in the history of aviation, and the AA leadership insists its an improvement for the customers??

  3. Spanish


    January 15, 2020 at 6:26 am

    Lousy… I wish there was a US airline that offered a proper domestic first class experience-and not just NYC-LA.

    I’ve been taking Spirit’s Big Front Seat lately after the airline’s introduction to CMH. Much better deal, frankly…

  4. mrdavedog

    January 15, 2020 at 12:06 pm

    Moved to DL about this time last year because of the Oasis planes. Haven’t looked back.

  5. GlobalMatt

    January 15, 2020 at 7:41 pm

    Took DL’s domestic F product on their new a220 JFK-DFW. Wonderful experience and the food was unreal for a domestic F product outside the JFK-LAX routes, although I will say AA’s entire ground experience is much better.

  6. POatParker

    January 17, 2020 at 8:36 am

    Blame Parker! The worst un-customer centric CEO in the business! The sooner he is GONE the better!

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